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Farm Mania 2 mini-reviews

GpniWLO5BN by Simone
Rob, one event is the key. Short stories are only one event for the most part, at least the short ones. However, 3,000 words seems to be as short as I can go these days as well. I would love to write shoetrr, but I can't get one to wrap under 3,000 word anymore. The last one was about 4,500 and if you look back at this challenge stories down the list in the center column, you'll see a few longer ones as well. Of course, I have no idea where I am going when I start, so honestly I have no idea how they come in at any length at all. And that's the truth. It's all just magic to me when I'm writing. I pay no attention and just focus on the story.
7vNz0kec by Geishaa
TK, from your question on the story, it takes me about five miuntes to format the story. I have to change all the header stuff from my manuscript format to electronic book format and add in the copyright information. I start by hitting select all and putting the entire thing in 12 point Times New Roman 1.5 spacing with three points indent. Then I fix that front matter and then copy and paste a bio at the end of the story with suggestions for other Poker Boy stories to read. Again, that takes five miuntes at most.I add in the cover at the top, do a save as for a main file, then do another save as for Kindle & Pubit. Then I do another save-as for Smashwords and add in their little change on the copyright that they require. I take the file saved for Kindle and Pubit and save it as an HTML file, then zip together the cover in a zip file. That zip file is what I load to both Kindle and Pubit. Then I quickly do a blurb and load up Smashwords first. Then Kindle, then Pubit. I use the blurb combined with the bio at the end of the story for the material in all three up front. Again, the loading takes about five miuntes each. From the time I have the cover done, it takes me about thirty miuntes to format, do the blurb, put the bio information, and do all the loading to the sites. If I have the art I can do a cover now in about 15 miuntes. The art is the tough part.That over-answer your question. (grin)
Great Game! by Uvindu
Wow! I like this! I played Farm Mania 1 and i got interested in it! So, i was waiting for the 2nd one. And now.. It's here! I have finished it and IT IS AWSOME! I'm playing it for the 3rd time! I'm WAITING for the 3rd one!!!

Welcome to the Farm Mania 2 game fan site!

Farm Mania 2 is a time management game.

Anna is back again! This time she is even more enthusiastic, active and full of great ideas! Wanna have your own farm? No problems! Fruits and vegetables, animals and fishes, dairy plant and bakery - you can have it all with in Farm Mania 2! By the way, Anna got married to a strong and charming farmer Bob and now all their dreams are coming true! You can help them! Develop your dream farm with Anna and her family!

Farm Mania 2 features:

  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Gripping action
  • Build the farm of your dreams!

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